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Being An Odd College Freshman As Told By Michael Scott

Here's to all the Undergraduates

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While EVERYONE is calling their mom, your mom calls you

You can't relate to everyone talking about how they miss home

Students tell teacher to cut them some slack because "they just got out of high school"

If you work there all you hear are kids complaining about how work is so "hard"

You always speak your mind

You're the only one who speaks in class

This is the teacher when you stop answering to let others answer

When YOU don't even know the answer but keep talking because no one else will

You're philosophy teacher tells you this is "just an introductory course" when you say things like this

When others refuse to speak in Sociology, you say the most outrageous things

Public Speaking isn't actually that bad for you

The teacher tells you to stop answering so others will


You imagine other kids are thinking this when you like participating in class

When the class has to present and you encourage them

You greet your friends passionately

Your friends complain about going somewhere and you don't feel the same way

Everyone talks about losing their virginity and you're just like

Everyone is being conscious of what they eat and you aren't

While everyone is lost you're like

You go out a lot with people you just met

You wake up hungover and have to go to class the next morning

You actually dance at school funded parties

You go with the flow while others deter in the midst of the unknown

You joined the LGBT club...

and the music club...

and the costume club...

You basically joined every club, actually

You can do #2 anywhere

You asked someone else to a dance

You can relate to this

You don't care what others think of you

Everyone is careful and follows the rules and you DON'T

You are constantly daring people to do things

You hype everyone else up

You're the optimistic one and always find yourself cheering someone else up

You laugh TOO HARD

You actually don't know what TOO LOUD means tbh

You honestly just do you!

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