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    Don't Look At These Creepily Realistic Animations Because You Won't Be Able To Unsee Them

    Get ready to have your mind blown by these bizarre animations that are maybe a little too realistic.

    That's...not what's supposed to happen when you're hit with donuts...

    Looks like Nutella has started adding some crazy preservatives

    The fact that this floating elephant head doesn't have a body is the least strange thing going on here

    This thing is having a good time at least

    Seems to be a few too many arms here...

    Now that's just not right

    This one seems norma- OH MY GOD NO

    Batman's greatest enemy...lemons.

    This one is actually pretty appetizing

    I think they're trying to play patty cake?

    These new workout trends are getting weird...

    Is that a bird made of eggs? I don't even know anymore

    Sometimes you and the homie just need to melt into a puddle

    There's probably some deep subtext to this but wow that's gross