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    12 Ways That A Float Tank Can Improve Your Life

    "Float Spas" are popping up all over the country, so wtf is a float tank and why are people paying to be put in a sensory deprivation chamber?

    Sensory Deprivation Chambers, aka "Float Tanks", are large vessels filled with water and epsom salt.

    You wear earplugs, it's pitch black, and you float effortlessly for an hour or more.


    So why would anyone want to do that?

    Though it may seem weird or scary, there are plenty of benefits that come from using a float tank ...

    1. It's extremely calming.

    Once you get over the initial discomfort of being surrounded by darkness, you're able to settle into a deep sense of relaxation and mindfulness.

    2. The epsom salt relaxes and soothes your muscles.

    Floating is amazing for alleviating any soreness or tension in your body.

    3. It's perfect for getting you into a meditative state.


    Even for people who don't meditate often, floating can help you get into a deeply meditative state due to the lack of distractions.

    4. You can see crazy visuals naturally.

    TJ Fuller / Via

    When your brain is deprived of stimulus, it will create its own. It's possible to see swirling colors and patterns totally sober in a float tank.

    5. It's a great opportunity to expand your mind and become more open.


    People that float say they feel more open-minded even months after floating.

    6. But it's also good for looking inward and learning new things about yourself.


    There's nothing else but you in the tank, which can be nerve wracking, but also highly rewarding.

    7. It's a rare moment away from any distractions.

    No phone, no internet, no flashing lights, no music. Just you and your thoughts.

    8. Floating can reduce stress and relieve headaches.

    High Maintenance

    Floating is shown to reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that releases when the body experiences stress.

    9. It can also give you deeper, more restful sleep.

    When you float, it actually changes your brain waves. This change can be beneficial to your sleep, causing your mind to relax and dip into a more restful state.

    10. As well as lower your blood pressure and ease hypertension.


    Floating has been found to lower high blood pressure to normal levels and improve hypertension for up to 3 weeks after a single float.

    11. It can even enhance your creativity.


    Though its hard to measure, people have said they found themselves to be more creative after floating. This is because you have no distractions and your mind is free to wander and think more creatively.

    12. And at the end, the feeling of leaving the tank is like being reborn.

    Rhett and Link

    When you get out of the tank everything seems much more vivid and saturated. You have a childlike sense of wonder for the world, and get a glow that lasts for a few hours after. It's an INCREDIBLE feeling.

    And don't worry, you can always get out or turn on a light if you need to, so there's very little danger of getting transported to the Upside Down!