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    How To Know If You Have Myxophobia (Fear Of Slime)

    Do you hate slime? Does the sight of the gooey, stretchy stuff freak you out? Well here's how to tell if you're really have Myxophobia. (A fear of slime)

    1. You always hated Slime Time Live

    Nickelodeon / Via

    2. If you saw this walking down the beach you would immediately run the other way / Via giphy

    3. You can't stand sneezing and mucus / Via giphy

    4. You secretly fear that slimes are somehow alive and will one day develop a taste for human flesh

    5. Your least favorite Pokemon is Muk

    6. If you especially hate the slime with a bunch of stryofoam balls in it, you might also have Trypophobia / Via giphy

    7. The sight of this chunky sparkly mess makes you want to hurl / Via pinterest

    8. You'll never eat corn again after seeing this / Via giphy

    9. ...Or chicken... / Via giphy

    10. ...Or cake. Sorry. / Via giphy

    11. This is what the devil looks like to you

    FoxADHD / Via giphy

    12. You're scared you won't see this transparent slime as it falls on your head from a tree / Via giphy

    13. You truly don't understand how people can like slime at all / Via giphy

    14. You can barely look at slime, let alone touch it

    Cartoon Network / Via giphy

    15. Slugs are definitely NOT your favorite animal / Via giphy

    16. If you got slime on your hands, you would probably cut them off / Via giphy

    17. Anyone that likes slime is a huge turn off for you

    Fox / Via giphy

    18. You would smash this wine glass and burn the table it was on / Via giphy

    19. This guy was the scariest part of ghostbusters for you

    Warner Bros / Via giphy

    20. You would never be friends with this thing

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