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20 Facts About The Adorably Odd Kiwi Bird

Kiwi birds are vastly underrated. They are the cutest, most interesting bird out there and here's why

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8. Kiwi birds are nocturnal, preferring to forage at night.

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This guy is feeling it


14. The Maori of New Zealand used to hunt Kiwi for their meat and soft feathers, but only when necessary because they believed Kiwi were protected by Tane Mahuta- God of the forest.


18. Kiwi eggs are 65% yolk. This gives Kiwi chicks enough nutrients that they hatch fully feathered and independent.

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Cute but kinda gross!

19. The Kiwi bird's image is used in many parts of New Zealand culture, from coins to candy to their Air force logo. Yes, a flightless bird is the Air Force icon.

20. The French railway company, SNCF, had a Kiwi themed discount card called the "Carte Kiwi". They made this rather terrifying commercial for it in the 80's.

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21. BONUS: This adorable animation about a Kiwi bird that wants to fly

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I cry everytime

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