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    In Honor Of The World Cup, Here Are The 10 Coolest Cups In The World

    Sure, the world cup is exciting, but what's even more exciting are these awesome cups.

    1. This soccer cup is perfect for your world cup viewing party!

    2. This cookie monster cup that stores actual cookies in the bottom.

    3. This "floating" cup that has a built in coaster and looks beautiful.

    4. This camera lens cup, perfect for the photographers out there.

    5. This adorable Pika-cup!

    6. These elegant slim cups that help reduce your portion size.

    7. This self-stirring mug for us lazy folks.

    8. These clever hidden animal cups!

    9. This "Extra shot" coffee mug for those hard-to-wake-up mornings.

    10. This customizable brick cup!