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    12 Of The Most WTF Craft Projects You'll Ever See

    Every day humanity strays further from the light...

    1. These Pants Planters

    Damn those plants are thicc.

    2. This creepy baby doll coat rack

    Grace Bonney / Via

    Great way to let people know you're a serial killer!

    3. And this even creepier baby doll wine glass

    4. This disturbing "Bug trapped in amber" nail style

    Nailed it!

    5. This unsettling deer hoof ornament

    Oh deer....

    6. This terrifying "smiling stone" monstrosity

    7. These elegant Dinosaur high heels

    *Cue "What are those?!" joke

    8. This haunting eyelash necklace

    It's like constantly getting butterfly kisses on your collar bones!

    9. These "futuristic" shades

    Like it or not, this is the future.

    10. This unappealing veggie peeler handle

    Peter Brown / Via

    The perfect gift for vegetarians! Oh wait...

    11. This grotesque pig-unicorn-cyclops hat


    12. These slimy Fish-Flops

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