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    12 Cats Whose Relaxation Game Is On A Whole Other Level

    I wish I could be as chill as these cats.

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    1. This fancy gal getting the full spa treatment

    2. This kitty getting a nice relaxing massage

    3. This guy enjoying the summer time in his hammock

    4. This cutie treating herself with a calming head massage

    5. This little sweetie releasing all her tension with a face massage

    6. This lady getting pampered from every direction

    7. This guy lounging after a nice workout

    8. This girl taking a soothing bath with some wine and chicken nuggets

    9. This cat receiving a massage from another, equally relaxed cat

    10. This fluffy cat cuddling with his favorite toy

    11. This kitty catching up with his favorite TV show

    12. And this adorable little sweetie getting a blissful face rub

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