The PM comes home from Brussels to find hardcore Brexiteers threatening to bring down her government, cabinet ministers being urged to oust her, and members of her top team preparing for a “people’s vote”.

Alex Wickham • 2 days ago

“Safe for now, but wounded,” one government source told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Spence • 4 days ago

We tried figuring out what the Theresa May confidence vote means for Brexit and...oh, fuck it, take a look.

Alex Wickham • 4 days ago

The prime minister spoke to EU officials about her thinking on Sunday, a senior source told BuzzFeed News, but the cabinet was not told until 11:30am on Monday.

Alberto Nardelli • 5 days ago

“Colleagues are so angry they’d happily vote on Christmas Day,” one MP told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • 6 days ago

Two sets of ministers — some loyal to May, others with leadership ambitions — lobbied for the vote to be pulled.

Alex Wickham • 6 days ago

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News understands the Leave campaigner has held talks with hardline Conservative MPs about a new enterprise, after his exit from UKIP.

Alex Wickham • 9 days ago

“It has come to the point where you feel like you are in that Mitchell and Webb sketch when one of the Nazis looks at the other and asks, ‘Are we the baddies?’” a Number 10 aide told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • 10 days ago

Exclusive: They are the MPs considered most likely to change their minds and back Theresa May’s deal.

Alex Wickham • 11 days ago

Theresa May will now have to publish her Brexit deal legal advice in full.

Alex Wickham • 12 days ago

Everyone agrees there should be a TV debate, but no one agrees where, when, or who should be part of it.

Mark Di Stefano • 16 days ago

News of the phone conversation comes after Trump said May's Brexit agreement "sounds like a great deal for the EU."

Alberto Nardelli • 18 days ago

Exclusive: BuzzFeed News has been leaked details of 57 dummy amendments that Theresa May’s aides fear could be laid by Tory and Labour rebels.

Alex Wickham • 19 days ago

Exclusive: Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer has written to David Lidington warning any attempt to get out of releasing the full advice will be unacceptable to parliament.

Alex Wickham • 19 days ago

Downing Street has formed a special unit of senior advisers to war-game what could go wrong over the next few weeks, and the answer is: a lot.

Alex Wickham • 20 days ago

Forget the 48 letters — this is the number that is really worrying Downing Street.

Alex Wickham • 25 days ago

The “gang of five” want the PM to flesh out how the UK could leave the backstop, and to threaten to withhold £19 billion of divorce payments.

Alex Wickham • 26 days ago

Exclusive: In a leaked WhatsApp message sent just hours before he joined the government, John Penrose told Brexiteers to force the PM into a “better” Brexit.

Alex Wickham • 27 days ago

The prime minister warned Tory MPs that ousting her could stop Brexit.

Alex Wickham • 28 days ago

You’ve heard about the resignations — but behind this week’s Brexit carnage lies an extraordinary tale of Mars bars, a secret “burger club” in the cabinet, and an ill-fated proposed flight across the Channel.

Alex Wickham • 29 days ago