Several other Tory MPs are considering resigning and joining The Independent Group, BuzzFeed News has been told.

Alex Wickham • 7 hours ago

The group hasn’t ruled out admitting former Labour MPs John Woodcock and Ivan Lewis, both of whom are understood to have expressed an interest in joining it.

Hannah Al-Othman • One day ago

The original plan for a far larger breakaway didn't happen after a series of behind-the-scenes differences of opinion between rebel MPs.

Alex Wickham • 2 days ago

Joan Ryan became the eighth Labour backbencher to quit the party on Wednesday morning.

Alex Wickham • 2 days ago

“Many MPs are on the edge,” one of the rebels told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • 6 days ago

“If these people really dislike it so much in the West, why do they chose [sic] to live here?”

Alex Wickham • 9 days ago

Claire Perry made the comments in WhatsApp messages leaked to BuzzFeed News after Tory MP Chris Chope blocked anti-FGM legislation.

Alex Wickham • 11 days ago

Sir Christopher Chope previously opposed legislation that would have pardoned codebreaker Alan Turing, and another bill to make upskirting a criminal offence.

Alex Wickham • 12 days ago

“Tusk suggested that the Corbyn plan could be a promising way out of the impasse.”

Alberto Nardelli • 13 days ago


Alex Wickham • 14 days ago

Can everyone just calm down.

Alex Wickham • 14 days ago

Exclusive: "I've been hacked," one member of the government confirmed.

Alex Wickham • 15 days ago

"Even if it wasn't accidental, who cares?"

Alex Wickham • 16 days ago

Exclusive: Leaked messages reveal some Tory MPs are terrified of losing their seats if there's a general election this year.

Alex Wickham • 17 days ago

Will MPs really have to cancel their skiing holidays? An email from the chief whip suggests not.

Alex Wickham • 20 days ago

“It would not be fig leaf, it would be a fig tree.”

Alex Wickham • 21 days ago

Parliament has voted to send Theresa May back to Brussels for new talks about the hated Northern Ireland backstop. Within minutes, European leaders flatly rejected the idea.

Alex Spence • 21 days ago

Around 40% of the returning expats would be pensioners, placing fresh strains on the NHS and already-stretched social care services.

Alex Wickham • 22 days ago

Sceptics, however, are wondering whether Number 10 has given Julian Smith a “licence to bullshit” to get Brexiteers and the DUP to back the PM’s deal.

Alex Wickham • 26 days ago

The Labour party is increasingly being turned off a second referendum because of the internal rows between leading Remainers, MPs have told BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • 29 days ago