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Boris Johnson Backed A Singapore-Style Tax-Free Port At Bristol 6 Weeks After Receiving £25,000 From The Bristol Port Company

The Tory-leadership frontrunner has endorsed a report specifically calling for his donor's port at Bristol to be made a tax-free zone.

Alex Wickham • 11 days ago

Jeremy Hunt’s Tory Leadership Campaign Is Being Funded By The UK’s Point Man To Mohammed Bin Salman

Exclusive: Labour has called on the foreign secretary to return a donation from a close associate of the Saudi crown prince.

Alex Wickham • 12 days ago

Boris Johnson Held A Secretive Dinner At A Restaurant Owned By Donors Accused Of Money Laundering

The favourite to be Britain’s next prime minister ate at an Italian joint owned by Lycamobile — former donors who stand accused of money laundering.

Tom Warren • 12 days ago

Boris Johnson Has Been Accused Of "Foul Play" Over Four Alleged Data Breaches During The Tory Leadership Contest

Exclusive: Supporters of Jeremy Hunt have referred the Johnson campaign to the Information Commissioner for multiple alleged breaches of data laws.

Alex Wickham • 13 days ago

Labour Complained To The BBC About Its Coverage Of Tory Islamophobia While Facing Criticism Over Suspended MP Chris Williamson

Labour lodged two formal complaints citing a “stark contrast” between the BBC’s coverage of anti-Muslim bigotry in the Tory party and its reporting on the anti-Semitism row involving Williamson.

Alex Wickham • 17 days ago

Jeremy Hunt Thinks His Plan To Upset The Odds And Beat Boris Johnson To Downing Street Might Actually Work

Hunt thinks the race to be prime minister is closer than people think. His team revealed his plan to grab the keys to Number 10.

Alex Wickham • 19 days ago

Jeremy Hunt Will Take On Boris Johnson In The Final Run-Off To Be Britain's Next Prime Minister

Conservative party members will now choose which of the two men will become Tory leader.

Alex Wickham • 26 days ago
Alex Wickham • 27 days ago

The Next Prime Minister Will Hold An Independent Investigation Into Tory Party Islamophobia

All five Tory leadership candidates committed to supporting an external investigation into anti-Muslim hatred in their party.

Alex Wickham • 27 days ago

Rory Stewart Has Made It Through To The Next Round Of The Tory Leadership Contest

Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, and Sajid Javid also remain in the race for 10 Downing Street. Dominic Raab has been eliminated.

Alex Wickham • 28 days ago

Sajid Javid Has Told Trump To Stop "Interfering" In UK Politics After More Sadiq Khan Tweets

But Jeremy Hunt has said he agreed with the US president "150%" that the London mayor has failed to tackle knife crime.

Hannah Al-Othman • 29 days ago

The Woman Who Has An NDA With Dominic Raab Has Complained To One Of His Top MP Supporters After They Called Her Claims “Vexatious”

The Women and Equalities Select Committee chair Maria Miller told BuzzFeed News: “The matter is being handled by lawyers.”

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago

Boris Johnson Has An Overwhelming Lead In The Race To Be The Next Prime Minister After The First Round Of MP Votes

Johnson won more votes than Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove, and Dominic Raab combined.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Sajid Javid Says Number 10 Refused To Let Him Attend The Trump State Banquet

The home secretary — who has previously criticised the US president — said the snub was "odd" as it emerged that his predecessor Amber Rudd was invited to past state banquets.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Dominic Raab Is Refusing To Lift A Nondisclosure Agreement He Entered Into With A Woman Former Colleague

BuzzFeed News asked the Tory leadership candidate if he would now lift the confidentiality provisions after one of his top MP backers published a report criticising the use of NDAs in the workplace.

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago

Jeremy Hunt Has Remembered That He Broke Anti–Money Laundering Laws Last Year

The Tory leadership candidate assured reporters on Monday morning that he’d never broken the criminal law, but later clarified that in response to questions from BuzzFeed News.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Dominic Raab Once Argued For Gender Pay Audits To Be Scrapped And Claimed Men Get A “Raw Deal”

The Tory leadership candidate has faced repeated questions about his attitudes toward women since he launched his campaign.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

The Brexit Party Has Failed To Win Its First MP

It was a tightly fought contest, but Labour's candidate, Lisa Forbes, emerged triumphant and said her victory showed that "the politics of division will not win".

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Rory Stewart’s Tory Leadership Campaign Is Being Bankrolled By A Russian Hedge Fund Manager

Lev Mikheev has donated £10,000 to Stewart’s bid to be prime minister. He previously set up a fund that focussed on Russia and the former Soviet Union.

Alex Wickham • One month ago

Tory Leadership Candidates Claim Ministers Are Planning To Release New No-Deal Warnings That Could Derail Their Campaigns

Candidates in favour of keeping a no-deal Brexit alive claim departments are trying to influence the race to become prime minister, but the government insists updates will be routine and "sensible".

Alex Wickham • One month ago