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15 Things Only Someone Everyone Has A Crush On Will Understand

Forget a shirt, we're too sexy for our own good.

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3. Watching everyone try to play it cool and ignore you while you make your daily commute.

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Must be hard for them to focus on listening to S-Town while their minds flood with thoughts about taking you to the B-Zone.


5. No one swiping right on you on Tinder because they assume you're a Catfish account.

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Yes, some things are too good to be true, but that leaves a MAJORITY of things that aren't! Wake up, people!


10. Having people assume you're a celeb.

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You may look fabulous, but that doesn't mean you're famous too. Other people really need to chill with the asking to borrow money.

11. Everyone trying to "neg" you by pointing out your "flaws."

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"Please, go on about this 'distractingly bad body odor' of mine that 100% exists and definitely isn't just something you're making up so you can talk to me 1-on-1. Ever heard of a little something called pheromones, boss?!"

12. Constantly being asked why you're still single by your mom.

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Maybe she should be asking everyone else why they're so intimidated by you. Actually, that's a waste of time. It's incredibly obvious by now.


14. Waking up in the middle of the night to let out a full-throated scream because the pressures of making people so horny is too much of a burden...

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...and not being able to conjure much more than the dry rattling of your esophogus.

Okay, so being a dreamboat isn't all smooth sailing, but hey, we wouldn't have it any other way!