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8 Tips For Solo Euro-Backpacking

You're venturing out into the amazingly beautiful unpredictable unknown, and it's going to be amazing. BUT FIRST READ.

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2. Don't plan

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I KNOW this goes against everything we've been taught as Americans. But when in Europe, TAKE IT EASY. Don't book all your flights too soon. You may end up wanting to spend a few more days splayed out in the sun on the riviera. Do it. (source: me)

4. When in doubt, flixbus

Even with Ryanair, last minute flights can set you back €100. That's when Flixbus swoops in to save the day. Even with only an hour to spare, you can book a bus ticket from Milan to Vienna. (source: me)

6. Stay in group hostels

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If you're traveling solo, hostels are a perfect breeding ground for new friendships and connections. It's not unheard of to meet people in a hostel and tag along with them to another destination (again, this can happen, so don't plan).

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