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Master Of None... My Humble Review *SPOILERS*

Check out a modest review from me... because you're bored and you're on buzzfeed! Spoiler alert BTW!

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Master Of None Season 2 Review! *SPOILERS*

There are always a bunch of shows on Netflix that are worth their salt. Dare Devil, OITNB (My wife's current obsession), House of Cards, the list goes on and on. However, there are some hidden gems Netflix has produced that are worth watching. Master of None is a great example of one of these shows! It's unique, the dialogue is quirky, and it has good tension.

Just so you are aware the show is about Aziz Ansari's character Dev, a working actor figuring out his love life and professional life. The first season delved in to his professional life and how he wasn't getting the parts he wanted. He also gets involved with this girl Rachel and his once good relationship goes to shit pretty quickly. At the end of the first season, things end between Rachel and Dev. He leaves for Italy for a change of pace and to learn how to make pasta. Prego! (Those 2 semesters of Italian are really kicking in)

The second season starts off brilliantly in my opinion. The first episode is a throwback to Italian cinema and is Masterfully done. (I know that was easy but c'mon! It was right there!!) Anyways as the season continues Dev comes back to New York and goes back into the dating scene. Long story short none of the girls works out and he is left alone in his apartment. He falls in love with Francesca, a girl he befriended in Italy. But she is engaged and chooses to remain with her fiance. Also developing in his career he takes a job as a host for a cupcake bake off show. He kind of hates it, the producer is by all means an idiot, but he likes the executive producer Chef Jeff played by Bobby Cannavale. So he pitches a show where they both go to places and eat the food and learn the culture. But everything once again goes down the drain because Jeff is misogynistic dick bag and rumors of him sexually harassing the female staff are starting to leak. The season ends with Dev being left heartbroken and professionally ruined.

Overall, Season 2 to me had some really great moments, and some moments that were a swing and a miss.

The good:

* Denise as a character is awesome and her episode was fantastic.

* The characters in general were written very well.

* The first episode like I mentioned, and for that matter the episode called New York I Love You were perfect!

The misses:

* Arnold. I think he has some good moments, but there are times that I get bored with the character. However it's not the acting, I think it''s just the way the character is written.

* The girl he meets in the first episode. Master of None does an amazing job of building this relationship between Dev and this girl named Sara. She only appears in the first episode and then completely disappears from the rest of the series. I think it was a missed opportunity not to pursue this relationship.

In conclusion I would give this season 7/10. It has it's misses, but overall I think that this show offers a lot more than what it lacks. It has a great cast, awesome writing, and is different from the usual. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about the show!

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