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    10 things you will only understand if you are an online retailer this Christmas

    Christmas is great for retailers--except for when it isn't. The holidays are the busiest (and most profitable!) time of year, but they bring with them a whole bunch of headaches.

    1. Going Mobile


    Getting your business online was a big enough challenge, but now you’ve had to make the whole site mobile-friendly too. On the plus side, 41% of smartphone owners use their mobile device for shopping. Which is nice.

    2. Gift Wrapping


    Pretty bows, shiny paper, handwritten gift tags – lovely to receive, not so fun to prepare. Especially when all of your customers want their purchases gift-wrapped. Individually.

    3. Delivery


    Late order delivery is the kiss of death for your brand. If only your customers understood you have no control over the postal service or the weather. If only.

    4. Shipping


    Selling to a global customer base means becoming a master of the global postage system, and ensuring orders are dispatched before any cut-off dates. Get it wrong, and you’re gambling with your reputation…or worse, someone’s Christmas!

    5. Cart Abandonment

    Via http://sweep.gif.gif?1404202904=

    Seeing a customer jingle allllll the way to checkout, and then abandon their shopping cart, is soul-destroying. Especially if you don’t use each abandonment as an opportunity to retarget those lost shoppers.

    6. Showrooming / Webrooming


    Watching a customer come in-store, and immediately begin comparing prices using their smartphone, is frustrating at best. We all know that feel. Breathe, smile, and give them the best-ever in-store / onsite experience possible, then watch them come back time and time again for more.

    7. Social Media


    In a crowded marketplace, you need to shout loud if you want to get your customer’s attention. Social media provides an easy (and cheap) way to communicate directly with your most loyal customers, and to connect with new ones.

    8. Online Reviews


    No matter how well you serve a customer, someone always feels the need to leave a negative review about a simple mistake or a situation beyond your control (see #3 & #4 above). Chin up, even Santa has a few off days we hear. On the plus side, these negative reviews can actually help to improve your brand image (even if they do feel like an icicle to the heart).

    9. Stocking Up


    A successful Christmas relies on having the right level of stock to satisfy every customer demand – too little inventory, and some shoppers will be disappointed; too much, and your accountant will be less-than-jolly. Balancing inventory is a delicate art that e-tailers know all too well.

    10. Black Friday / Cyber monday


    As if the general Christmas rush wasn’t enough, media attention has turned the final run-up into a two-day cluster-falalala of shopping madness. If your business can process and fulfil every order placed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’re well on your way to a very merry Christmas!

    Nuff said...

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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