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Which Chat-HOMIE Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which of the four exceptional roommies you are!?

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  1. It's Saturday in Athens, where are you?

    google image
    The MLC, gotta get my study on!
    Drunk at a frat party!
    at the game! Go Dawgs!
    at a fun tailgate
  2. Which situation would you most likely be in?

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    Blowing through red lights! Nobody has time for those!
    Accidentally uninviting someone to a date night... whoops!
    Making fun of your friends
    Too many people to keep up with on snapchat
  3. Which quote most relates to you?

    "I just want to pour alcohol down peoples throat!"
    "I like music."
    "You guys want some cookies?"
    "I just want to nap."
  4. How do you maintain your relationships?

    google image
    Snapchat baby! Gotta keep up that streak.
    Force you to hang out with me or DT, let's get our drank on!
    Brunch Dates, Letters, and Triple Texting
    Spending quality time together
  5. Which show would you binge watch?

    google image
    Criminal Minds
    Project Runway
    The Office
  6. Drink of choice?

    google image
    Four loko!
  7. Night in, what are you up to?

    google image
    Watching 27 dresses
    Scrolling through Pinterest
    Binge watching Netflix
  8. Song that best describes you!

    google image
    1000 Miles
    Guacamole? *peel the avocado?"
  9. Favorite Party Snack?

    google image
    "Food is for the weak, I want to get drunk quicker"
    "Cookies or any sweet treat"
    "Chips and salsa por favor!"
  10. Ideal gift?

    a nice head scratch
    something min or trendy clothing!
    something with gold glitter

Which Chat-HOMIE Are You?

You got: Abigail Skinner

You got A Skinz, and all I can say is what a time to be alive! You are an optimistic gal with a passion for glitter and a good pun. You like to have fun, but you also like getting 9+ hours of sleep each night. You take your studies seriously, but you value your friendships even more. You probably own a pair or two of matching pajamas, and you know you aren’t living life to the fullest without a weekly brunch session. You can appreciate a good scrapbook, and you aren’t afraid to rock the occasional turtle neck sweater (only in the fall and if it is very chic). Congratulations for being such a true queen!

Abigail Skinner
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You got: Alexandra Solorzano

Lucky you! Honestly who else would you want to be? You are fun and just the right amount of crazy. You're sarcastic and can never turn down a Office/Parks and Rec viewing party. Four loko? Yes please! You love your friends and will go all out for them because those are your amigas cheetas, friends for life! You probably have a crush on Prince Eric and can sing most if not all Disney Songs. You're not afraid to be silly and show off your dance moves. You don't take life too seriously because, ain't nobody got time for that. You're energetic and not afraid to say what's on your mind. Heck ya betch!

Alexandra Solorzano
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You got: Emma Erbs

Wow so blessed!! You're always down for a good time but would pass up a night out for a night in with your besties any day. You care deeply about everyone in your life and value all relationships. Between your love of wine, fries, and a good nap people find it hard to resist a friendship with you. Your go with the flow and fun loving spirit make you a true gem. Congrats and keep doing you!!

Emma Erbs
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You got: Kristen Chismar

Wow look at you, #flowerchild!!! <3 You are a nature lover at heart and love talking long, romantic walks through north campus. Daily naps are a must and you are rarely up past 10 pm. On the rare occasions you go out, you go HARD & black out after a few drinks. You absolutely love going on spontaneous adventures in Athens (i.e. climbing the watertower with bae) You are def unique- I mean who else thinks Victoria's Secret and Starbucks are overrated? #sorrynotsorry.

Kristen Chismar
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