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18 Characters From "Game Of Thrones" With Dark Hair

Do you guys like Game of Thrones? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?! Did you ever notice that a lot of the characters in Game of Thrones have dark hair (ranging from kind of dark to very dark)? Here are the 17 best dark haired characters from Game of Thrones. WARNING: There are no blondes on this list/SPOILER alert.

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4. Ramsay Snow

This guy is a JERK! This guy would not last a day in my neighborhood yet he's running the Dreadfort and making sight-gag sausage jokes like he's important or something! This guy has dark hair and more importantly, a dark soul.

5. Anguy the Archer

For an archer with dark hair, Anguy sure doesn't appear in that many episodes. He has some lighter hair in his beard too. He probably shouldn't even be on this list.

7. Yoren

Yoren is a man's man. He does obviously manly things like kill people but he also does sweeter more subtle manly things, like making sure you don't see the exact moment your dad's head gets cut off. And the best part? He does it all and still has pretty reliably dark hair.

8. Talisa

Probably the most bodacious brown haired babe in all Westeros, but since she's originally from Volantis, it may not count. She's also not in the books, and the books aren't even real, so I don't know. I don't know.

9. Rast

Rast is NAST. This brown haired ding-dong is nobody's idea of a good time. Look at him squeezing that sword like an ASSHOLE. Who does he think he is? Probably a stupid jerk.

10. Irri/Rakharo

I know, I know. All Dothraki have dark hair. Why not just put the entire khalasar on this list?? But you have to admit, nobody spoke Dothraki with more elegance than these two. And I liked the way they flirted before...things.

12. Gendry

I have it on good authority that everyone in the world is attracted to this bastard (I mean that in the literal sense!). Would Gendry listen to Dave Matthews Band or would he be into that punk stuff? Food for thought, if you have the free time to think about it.

13. Mance Rayder

Mance Rayder has 1) darkish hair 2) a lot of experience 3) a lute 4) gravitas 5) the goods 6) piercing stare 7) a pretty good sense of humor all things considered

16. Hot Pie

Hot Pie is a dark haired young man. He's kind of cowardly and useless (unless you count baking! {which i do}) but he's nice. He'll probably end up killing a dragon or something.

18. Jon Snow

Bet you guys thought I forgot about Jon Snow, didn't you!? I didn't. Jon Snow is the show's flagship dark haired character. In a world overrun by blonde Lannisters, really blonde Targaryens, and really light brown haired Tyrells, Jon Snow bucks the trend. He's the brooding bass player of your dreams. He's like Mark Hoppus, but less cool (but still pretty cool).

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