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    Best Internet Responses To John Boehner Calling The #SOTU "Hardest Day Of The Year"

    John Boehner complained about how hard sitting and watching a speech was... the internet give him a dose of reality.

    1. Remember that unregulated plant that poisoned our water?

    2. Or what about immigration reform that you blocked?

    3. Or what about trying to live on minimum wage?

    4. Let the memes begin

    5. Life hasn't been too easy for recent grads either

    6. Let's not forget how hard you have made it for our government to function

    7. What about trying to eat on those newly reduced Food Stamp payments


    9. You've had plenty of time to vote to repeal Obamacare though, throwing people like this out in the cold

    10. What about trying to get by on less, just because of your gender?

    11. Let's not forget about how easy it must be for all those unemployed people you kicked to the curb.

    12. ::Head desk::