14 Lifehacks For Better Mistletoe

Go greener! Funnier! Sexier! Just do anything but the usual kiss-me plant.

1. Try a fresh, living green plant for your home instead of hanging a sprig.

Fresh #mistletoe.

2. Skip hanging it on your wall and post it on your Dashboard.

3. Have fun with a raunchy, plushy gag.

“A kiss under the camel toe”

4. Bling it out.

“Shine bright like a diamonds #mistletoe #me #igdaily #igboy #instahub #instapic #instagram #picoftheday #photooftheday #photo #bestoftheday”

5. Paint it onto your pinky fingernail.

6. Strap it to your head.

7. Blast it out of a tree with a shotgun.

8. Go to Toronto’s Bloor Street, and smooch under an officially-licensed Mistletoe Kissing Station.

Full story HERE.

9. Be Justin Bieber, the world’s #1 Bieber fan, and listen to “Mistletoe”.

“He’s Listening To Mistletoe How Cute @JustinBieber #JustinBieber #Hot #Sexy #Swag #Dope #Mistletoe #Goodnight #Belieber #Believe”

10. Use it to get closer to One Direction.

11. Bring your mistletoe with you everywhere, as eye makeup.

12. Follow instructions.

13. Consider its potential as a miracle drug.

14. And remember that we live in 2012 (practically 2013!).

“My babe and his creativity!!!! #mistletoe #googledit”

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