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10 Style Tips For That "Romney Casual" Look

Post-Election Mitt Romney is all over the Internet, pumping his own gas and visiting Disneyland and buying armloads of Honey Nut Cheerios. So it's time you learned how to get his "disheveled older man" look for yourself.

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2. Come back in black. / Via

No better time to unveil your change-of-life change of wardrobe than a Twilight movie date with the missus. But only give the press a blurry glimpse. That's an enigmatic style choice worthy of Johnny Cash, the guy from that movie you saw on your plane.

9. Remember what's important, but don't let it stress you out. / Via

Let loose! Grab a hold of your special lady! It's Thanksgiving, the kids will be over soon, and hey, your staff probably needs to get going on that turkey.

10. And most important of all, treat yourself. / Via

Not everybody can find a new lease on life (and untuck!) in Aisle 7 at CVS. But then, not everybody knows how to keep their life "Romney Casual".

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