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Which Pair Of My Shoes Are You?

You probably think you're my Pumas. But maybe you're my Eccos or Sperrys? Either way, they're all for sale.

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  1. Do you want waterproof shoes?


    Sweet! The Eccos are waterproof.

    I don't mind my feet getting wet.

    Ahhh. A Sperry man I see.

    No, it sucks. But whatever.

    I guess you're my Pumas. Not much I can really do with this answer.

  2. Boats are cool. Aren't they?


    Cool. Click this answer. It'll help make sure you get the Sperrys. But feel free to click around. I have 2 other pairs for sale.


    Alright. You're just going to get my Pumas. I'm sure you can wear them on a boat.

    Not sure

    That's fine. You're just going to get my Eccos. They'll be fine on a boat.

  3. Where do you hang out on the weekend?

    The Puma store
    The Ecco store
    The Sperry store
  4. What's your opinion on soccer?

    I like it

    Puma's are the soccer shoe! Not these specifically, but the brand. Although I'm sure they had soccer in mind when they made them. I'm pretty sure I've kicked a ball.

    It's fine

    Sperrys are fine!

    I think it's stupid. I'd rather just hang out in a pair of Ecco shoes

    If I'm being honest, that's kind of a weird answer. But whatever, you can still buy the Eccos.

  5. Did you know Eccos are Danish?


    Great! You probably know a lot about fashion. So these are perfect for you.

    I thought they were German

    No! Those are the Pumas. Hmm. If I were a betting man I'd say you want the Pumas.

    Oh. Cool

    So casual. So Sperry!

  6. What's your favorite big cat?

    The Cheetah

    That probably equates to the Eccos

    The Lion

    Lions = Sperrys?

    The Puma


  7. Does it bother you that a lot of finance guys wear Sperrys?

    No. Not really
    Umm. I haven't thought about it.
    Is that a bad thing?

Which Pair Of My Shoes Are You?

You got: Sperrys

Congratulations! These are the perfect shoes for running a quick errand or heading to the beach. The best part? They still look brand new. They retail for about $80. I could see letting them go for around $40. Message me if you're interested!!!

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You got: Pumas

Woo! I've worn these things all over NYC. They have a lot of history. That's why I'd want at least $30 for them. They come with insoles too. So really, it's a very good deal. Think about it.

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You got: Eccos

Yeah! I wear these to work all the time. Do you have a job? These would be perfect for you. They were a little pricey. So I can't give you a huge discount, especially since I'd need to buy a new pair of shoes. Let's say $70. $70 is fair.

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