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10 Ways You Know You're A Tooth That's About To Get A Cavity

The tooth life is hard enough. The last thing you need to worry about is a filling.

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1. This is what your human eats for breakfast, lunch, and unfortunately, dinner.

Jeff Adair / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jeffadair

2. This is the closest the mouth you live in has ever gotten to floss.

movethelife / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 7485694@N02

3. You're very sensitive to cold water.

Disney / Via

4. Your human enjoys brushing their hair but not their teeth.

Fox / Via

5. You can feel your enamel wearing away.

Cartoon Network / Via

6. You've been munching away at tons of apples.

7. Your human has been repeatedly watching the tooth scene from Cast Away.

20th Century

8. You've noticed a lot of searches on ZocDoc for dentists.

9. You had a tooth dream about this lady.

10. You talked to a molar who's been around for a while and knows what's up.

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