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10 Leaves Who Totally Nailed What It's Like Going To The Club

From drinks to dranks and bumpin' to grindin', these leaves know what partying is all about.

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1. When you meet up with friends to pre-game:

2. When you get to the club and the line is super long:

3. When the DJ plays your favorite song:

4. When you see someone with the same outfit:


5. When you find a cute boy/girl to dance with:

6. When you realize that, like, in another universe or something, someone else could also be at a club just like this one:

7. When someone spills and drink on you:

8. When it hits 4 a.m. and you're exhausted from dancing:

9. When you have to wait for a taxi:

10. When you finally make it home and tell all your friends about your night:

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