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11 Pills That Are Too Hard To Swallow

According to the latest statistics, many people have trouble swallowing pills. And who can blame them with pills like these on the market.

Alex 4 years ago

What Should I Eat Right Now?

I know it's almost lunch time, but I'm already hungry. What should I eat?

Alex 5 years ago

10 Things You Have To Do If You're Me

It's already the afternoon and there are still a bunch of things you need to get done. Don't wait too long.

Alex 5 years ago

Which Pair Of My Shoes Are You?

You probably think you're my Pumas. But maybe you're my Eccos or Sperrys? Either way, they're all for sale.

Alex 5 years ago

Let's Make "Boink!" The New "Can't Even"

The world is poised for a new expression. So if we're smart about this whole "Boink!" thing, there's a real opportunity. We can be partners!

Alex 5 years ago

10 Signs This List Is Never Going Viral

Creating a list that resonates with people is a guaranteed way to make it popular. This list doesn't even come close.

Alex 5 years ago