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9 Things that could totally ruin your next adventure

Do you even adventure bro?

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1. Flying 100% by the seat of your pants

@vanlifediaries / Via Instagram: @vanlifediaries

Don't get me wrong, spontaneity is great, but unless you have endless time and a bottomless pit of money -- planning is your friend. Pro tip: Check out adventures in your area with the app Roots Rated!

2. Not dressing for success

@bangsshoes / Via Instagram: @cadencrawford

And by success I mean for every season out there. Bring all the things for all the seasons + a backpack to shove your items into!! Pro tip: Rock Adventure-Inspired BANGS Shoes. They're sick shoes + 20% of their net profits help people starts businesses.

3. Leaving behind all picture taking devices

@allegraroseb / Via Instagram: @allegraroseb

Trying to be *nature* and leave technology behind? Muscles can't handle the extra weight?? WRONG. Pro tip: Bring your phone and put it on airplane mode! You can take pictures and get the disconnect you're looking for.

4. Not bringing enough snacks

@thisbar / Via Instagram: @thisbar

If you hear yourself saying "oh wow this outta be enough", tell that voice they're an amateur and have zero life skills. Pro tip: Pack your bag to the brim with This Bar Saves Lives! They're delicioussssss and for every bar sold, they give life-saving food to a child in need.

6. Inviting too many friends

http://@joshuaevans.lives / Via Instagram: @joshuaevans.lives

I know, I know. I just said....BUT! Other studies have shown that walking alone in nature can help clear your mind and center yourself! Pro tip: Bring a journal + pen to jot down inspiration when it strikes!! Check out this swanky Tennyson Journal by Bradley Mountain.

7. Not telling anyone where you're going

@morganmacattack / Via Instagram: @morganmacattack

Always always ALWAYS tell someone where you're going, especially if you're adventuring alone. Pro tip: If you’re sending a text, send it BEFORE you hit the road! You never know if your adventures will lead you into spotty service.

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