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Why Viktor & Rolf's Return To Haute Couture Will Most Definitely Be Amazing

It's been thirteen years since the designers' last high fashion collection, but their theatrical aesthetic remains right on point.

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And that's just their ready-to-wear. This July, the designers will return to the wild, wonderful world of couture.

France's Chambre Syndicale — a group governing the country's fashion industry — confirmed yesterday that Viktor & Rolf will present a Haute Couture collection this July in Paris, as part of the Fall 2013 Couture shows. It's a long-awaited return to the schedule for the duo's fans.

Between 1998 and 2000, Viktor & Rolf showed five couture collections, each a spectacle; each spectacular. Arguably the best-known of the collections: Fall 1999's "Russian Doll. Beginning with model Maggie Rizer in a simple (and itchy) hessian sack dress, Horsting and Snoeren added layer after layer of clothing over the course of the presentation until, well, basically until they just couldn't fit any more on her. Marvel at the process below:


Their (until now) final couture collection walked in July 2000.

For Fall 2000, Viktor & Rolf presented "Bells." Photos can't do the outfits justice (so watch a video here) because as the collection's title suggests, each look featured bells. Lots of bells. Little bells, big bells, cowbells, hand bells, sleigh bells. Bells akimbo. And as the models walked, they jingled.

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