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Tyra Banks Reacts To The Amazing New "Top Model" Cast Photos

The casting photoshoot's theme is either an S&M dungeon sex party... or a Rihanna music video. Enjoy some Tyra reaction GIFs.

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The new, twentieth cycle of America's Next Top Model starts in just two weeks!

And to help you get excited, dominatrix extraordinaire Tyra Banks whipped her new batch of model hamsters — guys and girls, this time around — into shape for an EDGY, SEXY, FIERCE pre-show photoshoot. (Interpret those adjectives loosely, Tyra wouldn't want it any other way.)

Any excuse to dress male models in pleather pants, then. Let's meet the cast:


Tyra says, "I admire your commitment to this broke down air doll pose, but is your right leg actually meant to bend like that?"

Tyra then clarifies, "I'm only asking because I care." Which is a lie, because it's all for the RATINGS.

Although the season may have already been spoiled by a band of a band of serious superfans.

But hey, even if you do know what's happening in the judging room each week, it's still worth watching for ROB EVANS. And for Tyra's new smize tips. And for the fights. And for the crying. And for Kelly Cutrone, but of course.

All images courtesy of the CW Network.

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