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This Year’s Biggest Diva Fashion Concert Extravaganza

A special concert promoting the "Chime for Change" initiative, led by Gucci's Frida Giannini, Salma Hayek and Beyoncé, aims to further opportunities for women worldwide. Oh, and James Franco showed up too.

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During the concert, Beyoncé performed new song "Grown Woman" and it was fabulous.

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But mostly everyone wanted to talk about which diva upstaged the other.

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When, come on, if J.Lo let someone else wear a jumpsuit you know everything is cool.

Madonna gave a speech promoting girls' education in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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"Education is not a luxury, it is a basic human right. If knowledge is power, let's do more than ring the chime for change, let's bang the gong for a revolution where we support each other regardless of race, religion or gender. A revolution that promotes peace and demands equality. I invite you all to join my revolution of love."

She told the concert's attendees: "you build the first floor of [a Pakistani girls' school] and I'll build the rest."

Gloria Steinem also spoke for a while about birds.

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In a feminist context, that is: "The human race is a bird with two wings. If one wing is broken, none of us can fly. Let's fly!"

Though her reputation may not have preceded her when it came to the concert's attendees:

Gloria Steinem comes on stage. Me: 'WHOOOOOOO!' Everyone else: '.....*tumbleweed*....' Just me then? #CHIME

Helen Jones


Gloria Steinem comes on stage. Me: 'WHOOOOOOO!' Everyone else: '.....*tumbleweed*....' Just me then? #CHIME

Here she is getting tangled in a draped cape that's not as elegant as J.Lo's, though.

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"Fucking chiffon," says Florence. She's allowed to curse like that because it still sounds quaint in a British accent.

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