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The Only Appropriate "Just Saw Jelena Kissing" Reaction GIF

Thank you for this, Taylor Swift.

Wait for it.

Imgur / Billboard Music Awards on ABC.

Below, a concise list of other things that elicit this response from Taylor:

1. When Bieber groped/didn't grope a fan during a photocall.

2. Katy Perry


3. Mayonnaise

(aka the Devil's condiment.)

4. When her ex Taylor Lautner looks like a (drunk) llama.

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

5. When Gawker reports about her other ex Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend (allegedly) filmed their "hardcore" sexy times.

6. And when fans of her also other ex Harry Styles remain convinced he's secretly in love with his fellow 1D member Louis.


7. This photo opportunity.

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage for Marc Jacobs

8. That time Paris Hilton claimed to own a teacup pig.

9. And that time Adele wore a hair bow.

Ken McKay/Rex USA

10. Back hair.

11. Fanmail

Kylee Francescon / Splash News

12. And when she's reminded of the time she featured in Abercrombie & Fitch ads.

h/t Reddit

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