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16 Random Sassy Quotes From Fashion Show Reviews

Look out for some horror movie references, vacuous model quotes and love for Judge Judy.

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Sometimes discussing the same well-cut suits over and over gets boring, so fashion critics got creative with their writeups from the men's shows in Milan.

DSquared2 was so traumatic, I'll just type what happened: Curtains pulled back to reveal a tropical scene with a crashed wartime plane, overgrown with plants; centre stage was a waterfall, underneath which stood a model in tight white swim briefs, presumably meant to be a pilot coping with the traumas of war by acting sexy. What followed was a procession of the sort of clothes you'd expect to see on a budget airline flight back from Majorca, from white trousers cropped mid-calf to vests.

6. Prada


A condescending section of Cathy Horyn's review for the New York Times, which none of those apparently terrible "junior editors" will bother to read because they're all to busy Instagramming photos of their cats or something, am I right?

12. Emporio Armani


Charlie Porter writing for the Financial Times, just before the craze in Paris for baseball caps stitched with the "Feline" slogan instead of Celine. (Then instead of "Dion" written below, there's just "Meow.")

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