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12 Important GIFs From Kim Kardashian's Super Pregnant Fashion Shoot

Karl Lagerfeld photographed Kim for the third issue of editor Carine Roitfeld's magazine CR Fashion Book. And the team on set filmed their day's hard work.

1. First things first: slapping a big, chunky bejeweled face mask on Kim.

2. And then pinch her nose, because, ha ha, she'll never know who!

3. Throw some more jewelry on there. Why not?

4. Then have Karl shoot her, even though at this point it might as well be a body double with a pillow strapped around their waist.


5. OK, mask off! Kim needs to be able to breathe, you see.

6. And time for some high fives, because everything looks good so far.

Fun fact: Even my boyfriend, who had a fashionable thought once and that's pretty much that, saw this GIF and said, "This shit is beneath Karl Lagerfeld."

7. Oh, and Kris Jenner pops in. Because of course she does.

And her leather gloves match Karl's. Because of course they do.

8. Anyway, there's no time to chat/shamelessly network/try to convince Karl to "kameo" on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim has more posing to do.


9. This time the camera is sideways for a moment, which is a crazy fashion thing to do.

10. Now she has some big fake teeth, I think.

11. And clown lips!

12. Anyway, that's enough. Air kisses!

(And note how Karl doesn't even bother to lean in with everyone else. He does know he's above this, after all.)

Enjoy the full behind-the-scenes video on YouTube; see more photos from the CR Fashion Book shoot here.

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