Prada Taps More Top Actors For Fall Menswear Campaign

Ben Whishaw, Christoph Waltz and Ezra Miller feature in the high fashion ads. Channing Tatum was also in the mix, but then he had this dental appointment he couldn’t reschedule. (Not true.)

1. Christoph Waltz in fall/winter 2013 Prada menswear. And dark shades, because this is fashion.

2. Ezra Miller.

3. And Ben Whishaw, looking slightly uncomfortable in that chair/those orthopedic-style shoes.

4. Previous campaigns also featured actors. Last season’s ads included Dane DeHaan.

5. Harvey Keitel.

6. And Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s cherubic curls.

7. Jamie Bell and Gary Oldman starred in the fall/winter 2012 campaign. Gary loves his satchel very much.

(Garrett Hedlund and Willem Dafoe also featured — following the label’s fall show, where they are more A-List actors still all walked the runway.)

8. Before that came Michael Pitt.

(For Prada’s spring/summer 2012 campaign.) Why so bemused, Michael?

9. And Tobey Maguire got to wear those lovely irridescent knit v-neck sweaters back in the fall/winter 2011 campaign.

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