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    Pharrell Williams Got Married, Wore A Tartan Suit

    He looked great, as did his (also tartan-clad) bride Helen Lasichanh. Also, hipster wedding guests!

    Pharrell Williams got married on a boat over the weekend. (You can see him there in the red tartan suit.)

    The boat was called Never Say Never.

    Here is a bonus "Never Say Never" moment.

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    The Biebs was, in fact, booked to sing at the reception, but then Pharrell realized his hair doesn't look like this anymore and that kinda ruins the magic of it all.

    Before getting on the boat, Pharrell had a nice lady carry his umbrella around.

    Celebrities do this kind of thing.

    The lady behind is making a funny (read: impressed) face because Pharrell's tartan tuxedo is just that sharp.

    Pharrell's bride Helen looks sad because she doesn't have an umbrella.

    But otherwise this voluminous, Westwood-style tartan gown is amazing. Amazing. You could smuggle most of the wedding cake home afterwards in those sleeves alone.

    So voluminous! Once on their wedding boat, Helen added a tiara just like the one Liv Tyler wears in Lord of the Rings.

    There's a hot tub on the boat, but Helen would drown in fabric if she tried to get in it right now.

    There were hipster guests! Like the guy in floral pants above, and this blue-gray-haired lady in a fetching pink gown.

    If it wasn't bought from a thrift store directly, it's most certainly inspired by a dress bought from a thrift store.

    Again, Pharrell's suit looks great.

    And famed/lecherous fashion photographer Terry Richardson took lots of photos. What a nice, unusual wedding.

    Yay! Congrats!