Phallic Highlights From Ke$ha’s New Jewelry Line

If you’ve been looking for a penis-shaped pendant necklace, you’re in luck. And if you hadn’t been looking for one, well, why not?

1. Ke$ha recently released her first jewelry collection in collaboration with Charles Albert. There’s dangly penis earrings.

Left — right: Kesha Rose penis earrings with chain detail at $15, Kesha Rose penis post earrings at $12, and Kesha Rose penis drop earrings at $15.

3. And penis pendants. You don’t want your genital jewelry to clash, you see.

Left — right: Kesha Rose penis charm pendant with 24” chain at $20 and/or Kesha Rose penis charm pendant at $15.

8. Lots of pieces with teeth, because Ke$ha is a cannibal, remember?

She had that song about it. And that’s really the explanation given on the collection’s website for all this toothy bling.

Left — right: Kesha Rose cast teeth earrings at $60, Kesha Rose cast dinosaur tooth — which does not come with a disclaimer that it is almost certainly not authentic — at $45, Kesha Rose cannibal necklace at $45 and Kesha Rose large tooth pendant at $135.

10. And this big chunky studded cuff.

Kesha Rose spiked cuff at $195.

11. But obviously the best stuff is that with dicks on, right?

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