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    Phallic Highlights From Ke$ha's New Jewelry Line

    If you've been looking for a penis-shaped pendant necklace, you're in luck. And if you hadn't been looking for one, well, why not?

    Ke$ha recently released her first jewelry collection in collaboration with Charles Albert. There's dangly penis earrings.

    Penis rings.

    And penis pendants. You don't want your genital jewelry to clash, you see.

    In other motifs: roses. Mostly blue ones.

    Lots of pieces with teeth, because Ke$ha is a cannibal, remember?


    She had that song about it. And that's really the explanation given on the collection's website for all this toothy bling.

    Left — right: Kesha Rose cast teeth earrings at $60, Kesha Rose cast dinosaur tooth — which does not come with a disclaimer that it is almost certainly not authentic — at $45, Kesha Rose cannibal necklace at $45 and Kesha Rose large tooth pendant at $135.

    Also, some glitzy rings and pendants.

    And this big chunky studded cuff.

    But obviously the best stuff is that with dicks on, right?