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Paris Hilton Has Philosophical Musings For "The Bling Ring" Generation

They took her belongings, and now they'll take her advice too.

Paris Hilton's mansion features in new film The Bling Ring, which tells the story of those meddling teens who broke into celebrity's mansions and stole their designer underwear, among other things. (They burgled Paris's home on multiple occasions — she didn't realise at first.) It's a clever case of art imitating real life — just an ostentatious and outlandish Beverly Hills-kind of life that arguably stretches the definition of the word real.

Paris Hilton's mansion also features in the new issue of Elle magazine, photographed by Sofia Coppola (who also directed The Bling Ring). Enjoy more photos from the shoot below:

Paris used to have a chair here but the Bling Ring stole it. (Not a true story.)

Yes, this is "real" life. And Sofia Coppola thinks these pillows will become really popular too. Let's all buy two... and then throw them both out.

And no tour would be complete without a stop at Paris's two-storey, $325,000 kennel now, would it?

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