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    Only One Black Model Walked A Runway During Australia Fashion Week

    And he only walked once.

    Australian fashion designers presented their spring 2013 collections in Sydney last week

    Shows ran from Monday through Friday, with 46 shows on the official Mercedes Benz-sponsored schedule. (Some of these featured the work of multiple designers, too.) An examination of runway photos posted at Australian Vogue's site, and the official MBFWA website reveals that, of those 46, only one runway show included a black model in their line-up. That "honor" goes to streetwear brand Vanishing Elephant.

    This model closed Vanishing Elephant's show.

    One presentation also featured a black model.

    That's an appropriately model-sized slice of the fashion week pie:

    It's not possible to illustrate a breakdown by looks, however.

    Why? Because the slice of pie in this case woud be too small to even register. Of over 1,550 looks total walking during Australian Fashion Week's shows, these were the only two times a black model featured. They represent 0.1% of the clothes' walking hangers.

    Aboriginal model Samantha Harris walked in a few, smaller shows.

    A smattering of Asian models also popped up here and there.

    Still, the entire remaining ethnic contigent made up less than 2-3% of models present on the runways.

    Of the roughly 1,550 looks showed in total during the week, close to 1,500 of them were presented on Caucasian models. That's a staggeringly high percentage compared to the diversity present on the primary show circuit — the runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

    Fashion statisticians crunch the numbers after each show season in the "big four" cities.

    Well-known white models remained just about omnipresent.

    Alumnae from the country's Top Model franchise also featured heavily.

    With one unfortunate exception, however.