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Posted on Aug 2, 2012

Get To Know Britain's Other Favorite Olympic Heartthrob, Gymnast Louis Smith

Just in case Tom Daley's not your cup of tea.

If you haven't caught Daley Mania yet, know the British Olympic team has other hotties for you to obsess over. Deep breaths now, here's Louis Smith.

The 22 year old gymnast's specialty is the pommel horse. Smith won bronze for his pommel horse skills at Beijing's 2008 Olympics, making him the first British man to win a gymnastics medal in 100 years, and the second-ever black man to win a gymnastics medal. He won a bronze with his team earlier this week, and is a favorite to medal in the pommel horse individual competition this weekend. Anyway, picture time! Louis:

He also distributes his hotness via Instagram:

He captioned this one "no-one likes jerk chicken more than me."

Photos not Instagramed by Louis are also pretty spectacular:

Here he is with the bronze he won in the men's gymnastics team event:

Another fun Louis fact: he's not afraid to experiment with facial hair.

And he's not afraid TO POSE NAKED either:

Of course, he looks good wearing clothes too:

Ok, but seriously — he does look good wearing clothes:

Good enough to feature in British Esquire:

And British Vogue, posing with top model Jourdan Dunn:

He likes hedges:

And neck-scarves:

And, as you'd expect from a gymnast, he's very flexible:


He can handle the pressure:

You can even make awkward nerdy jokes about him being the Lord of the Rings:

He doesn't mind a good cry, when it's warranted — in this instance when he found out he'd qualified for the men's pommel horse finals:

And he does a cute "OMG I'm happy" face:

In conclusion, Louis Smith:

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