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18 Amazing "Drag Race" Moments (And More Still) From Marco Marco's Latest Fashion Show

An epic sauce runway show filled with RuPaul's Drag Race alumnae, hot guys in skintight leggings and LINDSAY LOHAN. It will be giving you life, guaranteed.

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6. Shangela's heels deserve a moment of their own, because they're the stuff of most wobbly novice models' nightmares.

Courtesy of Marco Marco

Clearly, when it comes to the shoe stakes, Miss Shangela is a size queen.

8. If you ignore the odd talon hand thing going on, Raja's walk (and posing) certainly back up her status as a "runway girl."

Also, this is as good a time as any to link to that epic "Runway Girl" Drag Race remix.

12. And in other Idol alum news, this is Courtney Act. She appeared on Australian Idol in the Down Under show's first season.

Rumors also see Courtney in the lineup for the next Drag Race season.

Hopefully she and Adore will have a sing off, if only so someone can judge it and Adore can recreate the iconic "someone WASN'T LIKING IT" GIF as above.

18. Thus, the only way to top Alyssa Edwards (minds out of the gutter people, OUT of the gutter) is to be a bearded lady. A beautiful bearded lady.

This totally floral-leotarded lady is Mathu Andersen, makeup artist and Drag Race producer.

23. Memo to guys this attractive: don't bother with any clothes other than underwear.

And only keep the undies on because we appreciate some semblance of mystique. (We also appreciate Mystique Summers Madison, just FYI.)

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