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44 Mad Moments From Miami Swim Week

Miami Swim Week looks to be the MOST FUN fashion week ever. Anything goes, but in particular, the following are good ideas:

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17. Accessorize your swimsuits with candy jewelry.

(And also with big bowties at the bustline.) These are looks from the aptly-titled Lolli Swim show.


23. Take your closing bow with a model wearing a zany top hat, just like Slash.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Designer Caitlin Kelly and a model from her eponymous collection's runway show.

24. Smuggle cocktails onto the runway in a shiny flask.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

A detail from the Sauvage Swimwear show. Let's all hope this is filled with Long Island Iced Tea.

25. Or design a clutch shaped like an S&M elephant.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

You could also smuggle those plane-sized bottles of liquor in this, because who'd call you out? (A close-up from the A.Z. Araujo show.)

27. Or book actor Vincent De Paul to walk during your show.

This is the Raleigh swim show, and Vincent posing for photos afterwards like the model/actor he is

You might know Vincent from his recent roles in Girls and a made-for-TV Jodi Arias trial movie. Or, you know, you might not.

(He played a "New York Art Buyer" in a Girls episode, and "Travis Alexander's friend" in the Arias movie.)

28. Note: the best part about Vincent's appearance will be when he stands on tip toes backstage for photo ops with the other male models.

31. Coincidentally, design clothes perfect for a Real Housewife of New Jersey's walk-in wardrobe.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Also for a Real Housewife of Miami, many of whom were also in attendance. This is a look from the Caffe Swimwear show. Isn't it wonderful?

36. Have some synchronized swimmers perform in their delightful floppy floral swim caps.

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Pool antics during the Esther Williams cocktail reception.

37. Parade male models on the runway in Swarovski crystal-embellished trunks.

J Pat Carter / AP

The Barraca Chic show, highlight of Miami Swim Week and, quite frankly, EVERY FASHION WEEK EVER.

38. And just totally ROCK OUT on the runway, even if such gestures make the model walking behind you a little uncomfortable.

39. In conclusion, Miami Swim week, where even the photographers go crazy!

Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

Look at this wild double exposure shot during the Minimale Animale show.


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