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    Kate Middleton Spotted Beating Fellow Royal Princess With Champagne Bottle

    It's less a drunken rage and more a cruise ship naming ceremony, though. After all, she's heavily pregnant — and always demure.

    Kate Middleton arrived in Southampton, England this morning to christen a new cruise ship.

    The ship, a new vessel from the Princess Cruise line, is also named "Royal Princess."

    Here's the Duchess having a "look at the big ship" Rose DeWitt Bukater moment.

    Kate wore a dalmatian print coat dress (by British label Hobbs) which showed off, yes, her baby bump.

    In a subtle nod to the day's nautical theme, she also wore a fascinator that looks a little bit like a hovercraft.

    Wedding ring alert!

    It was quite windy, so Kate got to play with her hair lots.

    See: bored.

    And here's another example of a time Kate's politely feigning interest...

    "Yeah, whatever, I have this many servants working in the east wing."

    Fun fact: the Royal Princess features a "glass-bottomed SeaWalk" seventeen decks above sea level, if you're into those sorts of things.

    More exciting: also onboard is the largest pastry shop at sea. There's no confirmation on whether Kate sampled a pastry while looking around the ship, but let's hope so.

    Then, with her tour complete, Kate gave a nice little speech. Everyone loves hearing her talk, after all.

    (Here she is thinking about One Direction some more.)

    Because she's pregnant, Kate couldn't drink this jumbo-sized, $2,000 bottle of fancy champagne.

    So, as is the British tradition, she decided to smash it into smithereens instead.

    Smashy smashy.

    And some more smashy smashy, because these naming ceremonies are a big deal.

    Anyway, as with all good British parties, the fun stops as soon as the first glass breaks.