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    Is This The Craziest Men's Clothing Catalog Photo Or What?

    It's a face-painted guy wearing a hoodie covered in penises, also holding a prosthetic penis. So yeah, it pretty much is.

    So, batshit craziest men's catalog look ever, right?

    No? How about this, then?

    These are both looks for sale online, courtesy of Dutch designer Bas Kosters.

    Specifically, that's the "PENIS HIKING" jacket, from Kosters' "ugly collection."

    The only appropriate response to that $500 price tag is this:

    Paired with the matching leggings, naturally. "IS THAT A COCK OR YOUR LEGS?" is the product name, and also a very sensible question.

    There's also a "SILK PENIS SCARF," soon to become this season's must-have for street style provocateurs.

    Oh, and the contrasting print on display in the first catalog look — it's from Kosters' "IS THAT AN EYE OR YOUR VAGINA?" line. Also a valid question, I suppose.

    In conclusion, Bas Kosters is amazing.

    BuzzFeed Fashion reached out to his studio to ask for more information on his aesthetic and design inspiration, you know, aside from dick. This post will be updated with any response, so watch out — or just keep coming back to look at the photos.

    Either works!