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    Instagram Users Tease Photos Of Robert Pattinson's Dior Campaign

    Blurry images — including one of RPattz and a model kissing, le scandale — from a campaign preview event in Stockholm.

    Pattinson will front a new Dior Homme fragrance campaign this September. Marvel at his crisp shirt collar and dramatically lit cheekbones.

    He will be a new icon and a new archetype for the fashion house, apparently.

    Via Twitter: @mariaalindholm

    Calling someone the "new original" is such a fashion thing to do.

    Again, the "new icon." Sitting on a roof, because that sort of thing is iconic.

    RPattz will also sit in a car and think deep thoughts, like, "Where are my car keys?"


    Or, "Why didn't Dior pay for me to have a driver?"

    He will then proceed to look for said keys in a foreboding scrapyard, because you always find your keys where you least expect them.

    And he'll threaten to assault this poor model if she doesn't help him find them. He really wants to be home in time for the new Teen Wolf episode, you see.

    Just kidding! They're kissing, so everything is fine.


    Though, really, that previous photo of this campaign couple's interactions is outright menacing.

    Also, he will make funny, faux-shocked faces with the campaign film's director, Romain Gavras.

    Via Twitter: @mariaalindholm

    Oh, RPattz. Never change.