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    31 Highlights From Tyra Banks' Brilliant Instagram Feed

    Tyra really should add "social media maven" to her long list of titles and accolades. Her selfies are perfect.

    Maybe you think this is how Tyra Banks spends her time online:

    You're SO wrong. Her Instagram feed, for example, is a wonder to behold.

    1. It's full of inspirational messages.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    I mean, you try telling a lion otherwise.

    2. And dispels many of the stereotypes surrounding models and their lifestyle.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    "BBQ & whip cream," sure.

    3. Food features often, because that's how Instagram works, right?

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    You have to include shots of at least six meals per month or your account gets shut down. It also gets shut down if the food looks consistently unappetizing... so this is a risky move.

    4. This is a much safer bet. Everyone loves a birthday cake milkshake.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    It seems Tyra has even added some stars and sparkles to the photo, presumably to illustrate the shake's "natural high."

    5. Speaking of: Here's Tyra even before the inevitable cotton candy sugar high begins.

    6. "Me no likee dis cruss on me cheesecake so me no eatee!" I mean, it speaks for itself.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    That Tyra's managed to adapt illogical accents on Instragram just as she has on Top Model is a real sign of her mastering the medium.

    Also, I would eat the crust from Tyra's leftover cheesecake any day of the week, because I love her so.

    7. She shares those moments in which she's inspiring future modeling generations.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Despite their potential, every single one of these "young, sweet teenage girls" would be eliminated during a cycle of Top Model over a haggard contestant whose pet hamster died once (because the latter hopeful can cry on cue in confessional when memories of Mrs. Fluff Face flood back).

    They were also all dropped from their agencies after this photo of them eating ice cream went public. Sad but true :(

    8. Her Photoshop skills are, well, a super power of their own. Like smizing, except useful.

    9. And her commitment to puns cannot be denied.

    10. "There's nothin' you can't do," but there are definitely some things you just shouldn't.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Handstands on the corner of a high rise's roof deck being one of those things.

    11. This is just funny because Tyra's butt's in her face and "tooching" sounds like a polite way of saying you're gassy. LOL social media, LOL.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    (She's a regular "champion" of her followers' artwork. Or she's just a narcissist. You pick!)

    12. And any mention of her epic novel Modelland is worthwhile. (Also, funny.)

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Many of us Modelland fans are STILL WAITING FOR THE BOOK'S SEQUEL.

    13. If you weren't following her feed, you wouldn't know that your "female-focused biz" could be in luck. This megaphone isn't actually switched on, you see, so you really wouldn't have heard about it otherwise.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    This is actually an awesome opportunity, until it becomes a reality show of its own in the vein of I Want To Work For Diddy. (Tyra recently announced an investment in e-shopping site, her first pet project.)

    14. This could be a "corporate lady" stock photo!

    15. And this is probably the sort of photo Tyra leaves around her apartment for the cleaning staff. WERK ladies, or your holiday bonus ain't happening.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    (Maybe you should start up your own lady cleaning startup and have Tyra mentor you. She's even got the lip gloss/rubber glove color coordination down.)

    16. Who even knows what's happening here, and isn't that half the point of Instagram?

    17. She holds impromptu selfie competitions for her followers, and posts shots of those who have "what it takes."

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Of course, that they have "what it takes" to do what exactly is left unsaid. This fine fellow could do all sorts though, let's be honest.

    18. And she's clearly not afraid to poke fun at herself when getting nostalgic for Top Model cycles past.

    Tyra, an Auto-Tuned wizard before her time.

    View this video on YouTube

    19. More classic Top Model memories. Unforgettable ones, even.


    View this video on YouTube

    This moment: reality television gold. The only way it could possibly have been improved is if the other eliminated model, Rebecca Epley, had picked that moment to to faint dramatically. (From 30 seconds on in the linked video, though the whole clip is worthwhile. It's Top Model, after all.)

    20. Sometimes Tyra falls down too, but she's not afraid to Instagram it.

    21. And sometimes she's just over it, but she's not afraid to Instagram it either.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Celeb girls who've been trying to get Tyra to come clubbing with them for months: Betty White, NeNe Leakes, Lena Dunham, the list goes on.

    22. Because for every bad day on social media, there's those exciting moments you get to plug your new cover of Armenian Cosmo.

    23. Or take an otherwise unrelated meme and make it about you. Tyra, never change.

    24. Just look how resourceful she is!

    25. And she's always down for hanging with the fans.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    How else could you pose in this situation, really?

    26. Not to mention hanging with her classmates from Harvard Business School.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks


    27. Also: hanging out with her fellow Top Model judge Rob Evans.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    An Instagrammed photo of that time you and Rob made bird houses is pretty much the pinnacle of humblebragging.

    28. More gratuitous shots of Rob Evans, because, really, why not?

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Who is this intern and why is this not my life?

    29. Her "Throwback Thursday" photos are always a highlight.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Note: another good/bad/so-bad-it's-good pun.

    30. This could either a remembrance of fun times on TRL or fun times at Madame Tussaud's. Who knows!

    31. And this quite literal "throwback" is, at least so far, Tyra's finest Instagram moment.

    In fact, you need to watch the video.

    Via Instagram: @tyrabanks

    Amazing. And so, in conclusion: