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    Highlights From The 2004 Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

    AARON PAUL AND SHANE WEST WIN AT LIFE. Also featuring Kate Bosworth, Bai Ling, Milo Ventimiglia, and a wild-eyed Whitney Cummings.

    Shane West & Aaron Paul

    More of this marvellous/confusing bromance.

    (In particular, Aaron Paul is confused.)

    Milo Ventimiglia

    Milo is also a little confused.

    And Whitney Cummings!

    In a draped mess of a gown worthy of an early boot in a poor season of Project Runway.

    Kaley Cuoco, and Kaley Cuoco's shiny pink purse.

    Kate Bosworth in CAPRI PANTS.

    Fashion model Chanel Iman, who's also wearing (personalized?) capri pants and a pair of pink Bebe heels.

    (In other words, she hadn't started getting freebies from fashion designers yet.)

    Jesse Metcalfe

    Just as his Desperate Housewives star was about to rise. JESSE IS BEAUTIFUL.

    Blu Cantrell

    Obligatory Blu Cantrell "Oops!" moment.

    View this video on YouTube

    Michelle Trachtenberg

    And her tiny armpit baguette bag.

    Michelle got to pose with both Joshua Jackson and Stavros Niarchos.

    Taryn Manning

    In other words: OITNB's Pensatucky wearing a unicorn necklace!

    You may/may not have noticed already, but Taryn has a Coach clutch and she really likes to show it off.

    And in a similar promotional vein, here's Mean Girls' Lacey Chabert

    ... and a watch she's very keen to show off.

    JC Chasez, who just parked his motorbike at the end of the red carpet. Parking wardens be damned, he's a celebrity!

    Bai Ling!

    In the middle of a photo-op of a lifetime as a Monarch butterfly lands ever so perfectly atop her lapel.

    Vanessa Traina & Chad Muska

    As is the case with all pro-skateboarders in their ripped t-shirts and sneakers, Chad Muska "REALLY DOES NOT CARE."

    Ali Larter (posing on the left with Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley)

    That skinny belt really sets off the slouchy teal separates, don't you think?

    Nicole Richie

    Some believe this was the only time in 2004 Richie was seen photographed without Paris Hilton.

    Kimberly Stewart & Cisco Adler

    Embodying what "hot mess" meant in the early aughts.

    Trevor Wright, who would like you to know his briefs are of A&F quality.

    Wikipedia helpfully states that Trevor's "very first break came through his involvement in music videos when, in 1989, Wright, along with fellow actor Elijah Wood, appeared in the video for Paula Abdul's single "Forever Your Girl," directed by David Fincher. He subsequently starred opposite singer and cousin Stacie Orrico in the videos for her singles "Stuck" (2003), and "I Could Be the One" (2004)."

    Which means it's time for another gratuitous old music video:

    View this video on YouTube

    (Trevor doesn't actually feature in this video, but still, there's got to be more to life than scoring jobs off your cousin.)

    The O.C.'s Willa Holland

    You know, Marissa's bratty little sister Kaitlin.

    Renee Olstead, who isn't letting a fight with her crimping iron slow her down.

    Emile "deer in the headlights" Hirsch

    Wearing your little brother's favorite graphic tee!

    And Gabrielle Union, who never ages.

    Though thankfully she's moved on from red carpet flip flops.