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Enjoy These Gifs From Kate Moss's Nude St. Tropez Shoot

SFW for the most part because it's artsy!

Moss is the new face (and body) of St. Tropez. Emphasis on the "body" part, because she's naked for the tanning brand's latest campaign.

Here she is in a swimsuit.

And here she is sans swimsuit.

Bonus: from behind the scenes footage, here are the five people with the best jobs on set:


1. The guy who got to make dainty little waves in Kate's makeshift pool.

2. The lady who got to wear a special mitten and buff Kate with fake tan like she's polishing a luxury car.

3. This man who got to play coyly with Kate's hair.

There he is again, honestly. He's messing it up on purpose at this point, just so he can smooth it out again.

4. This man whose sole responsibility appears to be standing on a ladder to keep it balanced and stop it falling on the photographer.

That's an easy paycheck, with bonus Moss-watching on the side.

5. And Kate herself, who just had to show up and pout a bit.

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