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    Ebony Magazine Dedicates September Issue To Trayvon Martin

    Four covers, each with the headline, "We Are Trayvon."

    Fashion and lifestyle magazines' September issues are traditionally the year's biggest sellers.

    They're packed with ads, and they feature the first editorials featuring the fall season's new collections. They're also often fronted by top-of-the-A-list folk — or at least those as close to the A-list as the magazine's PR team can wrangle. Sample cover stories: Gwyneth Paltrow's struggles to fit two yoga classes into her busy day's schedule; Miley Cyrus posing with a baby lion because, wait for it, neither can be tamed.

    This year, Ebony magazine is taking a different approach:

    The magazine photographed Trayvon Martin's parents for one of the new issue's four covers.

    The three other covers feature African-American celebrities and their sons, all wearing hoodies. Actor Boris Kodjoe:

    NBA star Dwayne Wade:

    And director Spike Lee:

    Read more of the magazine's Trayvon Martin coverage at