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28 Delightfully Tacky Moments From Paris Hilton's "Good Time" Music Video

"Are you havin' a good time?" Not sure actually, this is the best/worst kind of frat rave/EDM party and I'm not sure who I am anymore.

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1. When the video opens and even the pebbles around Paris' pool are sparkling.

SPARKLING LIKE EDWARD CULLEN. Ugh, now I can't tell if I'm swooning over Paris or RPattz. I hate it when that happens.

16. One more gratuitous hot guy moment: when this attractive male model squirts a water pistol, being VERY CAREFUL not to get Paris wet.

18. When she looks like a DISCO PINEAPPLE.

Also, this is the pinnacle of Paris' best dance movies and she's still upstaged by one of her background dancers — specifically, that girl with the fairy wings because there's always one.

20. Then she's brandishing a glow stick like she's about to examine your sheets with that special light on Room Raiders.

Watch the full video extravaganza here. You'll be having a good time.

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