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    11 Batshit Crazy GIFs Of Shoppers Fighting Over Free Clothes

    Less Supermarket Sweep and more primal rage. The official video from the Alexander Wang "shopping spree" is actually quite depressing.

    Alexander Wang recently held a "special event" in New York, with all details firmly kept under wraps beforehand (or, perhaps, under chic wrap dresses).


    That is, kept from everyone except people working for the brand and their friends who all knew it would be a "shopping spree" beforehand and turned up early to snag the first spots in line, apparently.

    A "ONE-TIME-ONLY SPECIAL EVENT." And yes, it was a free-for-all shopping spree, with pieces from the T by Alexander Wang collection up for grabs.


    These poor guys had to walk around as human signs even after there were way more people in line than the venue — the Highline Stages — could hold.

    The first "lucky" 100 or so Wang fans in line got entry into the spree. And things got crazy wild very quickly.

    1. Basically as soon as the doors opened.


    These kids are crazier than America's Next Top Model contestants when Tyra makes her first appearance during the semifinals.

    2. And a veritable wave of shoppers flooded in.

    3. This girl fell over and ACTUALLY got trampled.


    Trampled in her quest for free tank tops — a Darwin Award-worthy obit.

    4. Wild-eyed shoppers stole clothes from each other.

    5. The expressions here are, quite frankly, scary.

    Note: One shocked/sane shopper in the background, who's actually checking for pieces in her size and not just throwing herself on any hangers in sight.


    How refreshing.

    6. People crawled on the floor. If it wasn't real, it would be performance art.


    A biting critique on the cult following fashion brands have cultivated, perhaps.

    7. And got so aggressive they just started punching innocent cardboard boxes just left out for decoration's sake, presumably.

    RAGE. PURE RAGE. 28 Days Later-style rage, even.

    8. There was actual fighting among the shoppers. Because it's not like there's enough red shirts there for both these girls, or something.

    9. Yes, actual fighting. To the point that these ladies were so preoccupied that they probably didn't even score free clothes.


    Hey, at least they left with some bruises.

    10. And there were red shirts left over anyway.

    11. Well, not really. Because this is the aftermath.

    Watch the full video here:

    View this video on YouTube


    That is, if you're OK with feeling a bit uncomfortable by just how dedicated some of these fashion followers are: