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The 27 Weirdest "America's Next Top Model" Photoshoots

Now 20 cycles in and still consistently bringing the crazy. Tyra wouldn't have it any other way.

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21. Cycle 13: when the models had to pose as "bi-racial beauties" in a shoot that basically amounted to blackface.

Fun fact: The show had actually featured some blackface before, back in the fourth cycle with the "Got Milk" photo shoot.


12. Cycle 4: when the models had to pose in coffins, embodying the seven deadly sins.

Hilariously inappropriate for two reasons: firstly because model Kahlen Rondot received word that a good high school friend had died, secondly because it marked the start of the show's mocking of fellow model Keenyah Hill's apparent weight gain. (She landed gluttony.)

11. Cycle 7: when the models had to pose in Hair Wars-style wigs. I mean, there's a parrot made of extensions in the mix here. Brilliant.

These could be almost be Top Model makeover shots, but not quite. Give Tyra a few more cycles though, and she'll be telling some teary hopeful that she'll look much more high-fashion with this sort of get-up.

10. Cycle 18: when the models had to pose in Hello Kitty-covered clothing. There's a toaster stuck to the wall in the background.

Also note all the awkwardly stereotypical styling: rice paddy hats, origami, Chinese lanterns...


7. Cycle 5: when the models had to pose with the cast of Jackass. And then Lisa D'Amato outdid even Steve O by peeing in a diaper on set.

This moment is particularly brilliant in the greater Top Model context, because Lisa won the show's All Star cycle.


2. Cycle 7: when the models posed as celebrity couples.

At the week's judging panel, the cycle's eventual runner-up Melrose Bickerstaff (right) was complimented for looking just like Donald Trump. Isn't that the sort of thing every would-be model wants to hear?

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