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    Cara Delevingne Lands New Mulberry Campaign, Poses Gamely Alongside Stuffed Owls

    Sassy Sword in the Stone owl Archimedes has a lot to say about this, through the magic of gifs.

    Mulberry chose Cara Delevingne to front its fall 2013 campaign, perhaps because she can stare blankly just like her owly co-stars.

    (Spoiler alert: this pretty vacant expression features consistently throughout the campaign.)

    Here's Archimedes, undoubtedly one of Disney's finest creations, upon hearing this news:

    "Who who, what what?"

    Mulberry has now released the campaign in full.

    Shot by Tim Walker and with whimsical sets designed by Shona Heath, it's very much in keeping with many of the label's recent fall/winter campaigns.

    At first Archimedes was like this:

    Just because, really.

    Yep, still like this:

    But then he started to realize that his omission from the campaign's avian lineup is not very nice.

    And he felt like this:

    We all know he'd do a much better job than that vacant snowy owl on the top left here, after all.

    Poor Archimedes tried to play it cool, like he's above all this fashion business:


    But secretly he's quite hurt.

    It's just fancy clothes and handbags. Right?

    But he's upset. In fact, his whole world has been kind of turned upside down:

    Thus, in conclusion, Archimedes is giving Cara some serious side eye right now:


    That's all.