Cara Delevingne "Embraces" Psoriasis, Can Handle Your Negativity

Water off a modelesque duck’s back!

1. Avid Instagram user Cara Delevingne has been busy uploading snaps from her recent trip to Brazil, for photo shoots and an amFAR charity gala.

The jet-setting life of a model, naturally.

2. Some of Delevingne’s photos highlight her psoriasis, a skin condition likely exacerbated by Instagram’s hip filters.

And Internet commenters were — shockingly — mean about this. Sample comments on her Instagram page included “OMG your skin,” “Ugly shoes, ugly legs” (note: Those “ugly shoes” are Chanel), and “Cara Delevingne, you need a bath!”

3. In tweets that followed, the model owned both her psoriasis and her critics.

Cara Delevingne


I can handle the negative comments but just remember that no one is perfect. EMBRACE YOUR INDIVIDUALITY! It’s makes you who you are x

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