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eBay Suspends Auctions After Bidding For A "Boston Massacre" Nike T-Shirt Exceeded $155,000 (Updated)

That is not an appropriate way to spend six figures.

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On Thursday afternoon, and with over a day left before the auction's end, at least two eBay users were in a six-figure bidding war over one tee on sale.

More than 132 bids had been placed since the auction was listed on Tuesday afternoon. By Thursday evening, however, eBay had scrubbed the listing from its website — with no explanation.

Four other "Massacre" T-shirts also with active listings on Thursday were selling for $100 or more.

eBay also cut these auctions short. Earlier in the week, however, completed auctions saw tees sold for $49 and $119; one seller successfully offloaded 17 of the shirts for a grand total of $3539.70. (Nike removed the tees from sale at their factory outlet stores on Monday, the same day listings began popping up online.)

Meanwhile, here's the donations page for Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where victims of the bombing were treated.

Because $155,000 could be spent a lot better than on a used and quite likely sweat-stained T-shirt. Just saying.